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Welcome to MoldDomesticCleaningJobs.co.uk, the recruitment portal for residential domestic cleaners in the Mold area.

MolddomesticCleaningjobs.co.uk is the sister company of Maid2Clean Mold, which is recognised as the fastest growing cleaning agency in the UK. It is also one of the largest mainstream cleaning agencies in the UK. We offer Mold domestic cleaning jobs to suitable applicants.

As Maid2Clean has a constantly growing client base, there is now a present need for professional cleaners in Mold respectively, which means that people like you can exploit the hugely competitive two billion pound residential cleaning market in the UK.

Molddomessticcleaningjobs.co.uk is the website in which anyone can apply for a cleaning job in Mold, if you want a local, flexible, part time job which offers you independence and responsibility in Mold then this is your opportunity to seize.

About Us

What is MoldDomesticCleaningJobs.co.uk ?

You may be wondering ‘what makes Maid2Clean Mold superior to other well known mainstream cleaning agencies? Well for a start Maid2Clean is unique to all other mainstream cleaning agencies, as all of our residential cleaners are self employed. Confused? Think of Maid2Clean as a business partner which covers your insurance and provides clients, instead of thinking of Maid2Clean as an imposing boss that neglects all of its cleaners. Mold domestic cleaning jobs are available to vetted applicants who register with us.

Maid2Clean Mold believes that its cleaners are equally important as its clients, without loyal, hardworking cleaners Maid2Clean does not exist. Cleaners are the heart of the business and always will be. Mold domestic cleaning jobs are therefore our highest priority and are allocated only after following our recruitment process.

This is not to say that clients are to be neglected as a bad reputation can easily make a mockery of the business and its cleaners, we don’t want that to happen, we want a friendly client to cleaner relationship that keeps clients in favour of Maid2Clean and cleaners working hard.

What does Maid2Clean Mold have to offer you?

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All of our cleaners work on a ‘star system’. This is a simple way to determine your worth to Maid2Clean, judged by a number of factors. By proving yourself as a good, efficient cleaner you can gain stars, by neglecting clients and performing at a low standard you can likewise lose stars.

The maximum number of stars you can earn is five. Once five stars are obtained you will be given the opportunity to take the MaidVersity exam. This is a final test that will allow us to determine whether you can progress as a cleaner, giving you over the twelve hour maximum work load if desired, or even allow you to become a cleaner interviewer for Maid2Clean Mold. This opportunity is only given to select few individuals.

You can gain stars for a number of qualities such as:

Likewise you can lose stars for doing the opposite of the above (as mentioned owning a car is not necessary but preferable).

How can Maid2Clean expand your potential and career progression?

After you apply to be a cleaner for Maid2Clean on www.molddomesticcleaningjobs.co.uk we would like to arrange a one to one interview with you in your own home, with one of our trusted and highly regarded cleaner interviewers. Some of whom were in fact cleaners themselves but progressed through their careers.

We would prefer individuals in Mold to have some prior cleaning experience, two written references, a good working history, two passport photos and a good attitude at the ready before the interview takes place, to ensure that everything runs smoothly and making everyone’s life that little bit easier.

It is at this interview when we determine whether you are an honest, reliable and trustworthy person with good morals and a good attitude towards work. As well as rule out any confusion and educate the cleaner about how the Maid2Clean system actually works.

When you are allocated a Mold domestic cleaning job, you will learn how to deal with clients, organise your time and understand what you are expected to do on a regular cleaning job. Once you are happy to progress with Maid2Clean Mold, whilst meeting with our cleaner requirements, you can expect cleaning vacancies.

At first we will only provide you a single client that you will have to cater for. Think of this as a trial, just so you confirm whether you want to continue working with Maid2Clean. As well as allowing us to determine if you are a suitable candidate for further work.

Clients are expected to provide two hours of work for you per week, depending on their property and budget. Once you prove your worth as a professional cleaner you can expect a minimum of two to three cleaning jobs per week, this will ensure that you aren’t swamped in tedious work and still allow you to continue showing your potential for progression as a cleaner.

As a cleaner you may find yourself working in a variety of privately owned properties ranging from a simple apartment to a luxurious country house. Depending on your location your working environment will differ greatly. However you can always expect sensible working hours when working for Maid2Clean, as well as a steady workload.

Do you have what it takes to become a domestic and residential cleaner in Mold?

Maid2Clean was established in 1993 as a joint partnership, it has since been franchised respectively over one-hundred and thirty times across the UK, Canada and now Australia. Master licences are now being sought in Malaysia and Africa.

A Brief history of Maid2Clean