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Q.     Is there a limit number of hours I can work?

A.     We will allocate you to as many clients in your area to make up the amount of hours that you require, although it will be to a maximum of 12 hours a week.

Q.      Do you pay my tax and national insurance?

A.      No. For employment purposes you are classed as self-employed. You are paid directly by the client on the day of your clean and not by us. Therefore you are responsible for paying your own tax and national insurance that might be due.

Q.   Do I visit the same clients on a weekly basis?

A.    Yes when you have been allocated a client you will keep that client until either you leave the agency or the client cancels their weekly clean.

Q.      What kind of tasks are involved in the cleaner position?

A.      Cleaning duties can involve, Vacuuming, Mopping, Polishing & dusting, Ironing, Cleaning bathrooms, Cleaning toilets, Cleaning kitchens etc.

Q.      If I have more than one clients key can I label them so that I don’t get them mixed up?

A.      You must NEVER label the clients keys with an address. Use a colour code instead.

Q.      Who am I paid by?

A.      You are paid directly by the client on the day that you clean for them.

Q.      Will the client want me to have a key to their house?

A.      Sometimes the client may not be at home when they want you to clean so you may have to have their key to their home.

Q.      What if I want to take a holiday?

A.      That’s fine, the first thing to do is to tell your client and give them as much notice as possible and ask them if they would like us to arrange a temporary cleaner for them, once you have spoken to them give us a call and let us know.

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